NevrGivApp updates

No More Waste v3.0.2.1

In this update I fixed an issue regarding the barcode scanner returning the barcode number instead of the food name in certain devices.

Moreover, I fixed a bug introduced by the latest Google APIs.

Apps updated

Hey, after fully recovering from a Covid-19 sickness period I am back on track and updating/fixing my apps.

I also published a new version of No More Waste on the Play Store that can support future updates and improvements. You’re now asked to register to the app so that I can better manage the cloud functions, together with new features that I am developing.

Updates ongoing

Hi everyone,
the updates for NoMoreWaste are ongoing but time is limited and the changes made are substantial and require careful testing before being published.
I hope you can understand and thank you for your patience!

A new update coming soon!

In the last month I’ve been developing and improving the app NoMoreWaste in order to make it faster and more reliable.

Hopefully, a new update will be available in the next week!

NoMoreWaste v1.6.8.0 is out!

I decided to replace the previous barcode scan utility with one made on my own to have a better control over it. Unfortunately I ran into a few issues and unexpected crashes reported by the test users, I apologize for the inconvenience.

NoMoreWaste v1.6.2.0 is out!

Hi! I just started the staged rollout for the latest version of No More Waste. It took me weeks of effort to make it stable and powerful as much as possible. I hope you’ll enjoy the update! 😉